Just Some Tinting

Tinting is such a mystery.

I came into the office on Monday and thought things seemed a little bit…off? My cubicle is quite far away from the windows, so I didn’t immediately notice. Then I happened to look around, and I fell right out of my chair, startling Tanika in the cubicle next to mine. The windows…were dark. I had seen this once before, when Karthlag the Despondent descended upon The Vale of Summer and spread his malice to all living things, converting them into servants of the night. I spent sixteen years as an ice minion before I was freed from the enchantment, and I was NOT happy to see the signs of the great devourer’s influence again.

Turns out that it was just window tinting, however. It seems to be quite the trend to get window tinting, Melbourne offices are getting it done because it looks professional, and…well, I almost outed myself as a wizard over a bit of tinting.

But seriously, if you were there when Karthlag descended, you would see the similarities. It just would’ve been nice to be notified by management before such triggering things happen, although it’s not like I can explain why it causes me such disquiet. And once I got over my initial shock, I began to see why so many companies are getting their windows tinted. It’s really quite attractive from the outside, and it doesn’t make the office as dark as you might think. Of course, the mechanics of tinting are surely terrifying, even IF dark sorcery is not involved. I’d rather not know, and instead just see the end product. Window tinting companies who operate near Melbourne can have their secrets, I will have mine, and look at that, the world is a better place because there’s a little bit of privacy. Which is also something that tinting provides. It’s essentially this realm’s version of an anti-scrying spell.