Toby’s Car Mechanics

The undeniable truth about being part of the council of wizards was this: the job had little benefits. It was entirely unpaid, on account that wizards could simply summon money whenever they were running low. This was fine for every member of the council except for Toby. He had joined the council after mistaking the […]

Car Maintenance Tips

Whilst I am by no means an expert, I have faced a few car issues in my day. As the proud owner of a second-hand car that is over a decade old, I have myself to blame for the amount of repairs I have had to have done. Despite my car’s age, I did not […]

Haunted House Hunting

Goob didn’t think he would ever have to deal with being human again. After you pass away once, you shouldn’t have to suffer through it again. It had all begun with innocent ghost pranks possessing people’s air conditioning units. How did it turn into him floating in an internet cafe, trying to decide whether to […]

The Solar Age

In the remote Australian outback, Dr. Elara Sunfield, accompanied by her dedicated allies Max and Luna, worked tirelessly against the ticking clock. The celestial blueprint they had unearthed was more than a relic; it was a conduit to a future where commercial solar panels were not just energy sources but lifelines to a sustainable world. […]

New Foot Frontiers

Weeks into their internship at the Cheltenham clinic, Casey found themselves at the crossroads of medical ethics and technological advancement. The adoption of cybernetic enhancements was not a straightforward path; it was laden with complex challenges and moral dilemmas. Casey, with their keen interest in both technology and human care, observed these intricacies closely, understanding […]

Vets and Catastrophe

The gentle purring coming from Bee’s room was simultaneously the most shocking, and the most expected, thing Ruby heard. Her roommate, and long-time friend, had been pining to adopt a cat for the whole week. She had disagreed to adopting another when Bee had asked, given how many pets they already took care of. The […]

Fancy Footwork

Amidst the hubbub of Cheltenham’s bustling market square, Marlowe ducked into a narrow alley, trying desperately to lose the trail of curious onlookers. As fate would have it, he found himself before a charming clinic with a sign reading, “Dr. Felicity Footwork – For Every Foot’s Foible and Fancy.” Considering his current, shiny predicament, he […]

Earthly Ute Innovations

Our exploration into the nuances of Earth’s technology continues under the guidance of our lead scientist, Dr. Zorgon. Our subject of fascination, an aluminium tray and canopy fitted ute, abducted from the bustling metropolis of Melbourne, has piqued our interest further. After our initial examination, we are now delving deeper into the intricacies of these […]

School Eye Test

I was nervous as I waited for my eye test at school. I had never seen an optometrist before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The optometrist was part of a government program that was testing all of the students in my school to see if we needed glasses. I watched as my classmates […]

Support for Anxiety

It’s clear to me that so many people fail to properly understand what it means to have anxiety and be anxious. I think it’s normal for many people to have experienced the feeling of being anxious at some point in their life, but I don’t think many people know what it’s like to live a […]