New Building Skill

I’m really bored at the moment. I’m supposed to be working (I’m a freelance architect), but I haven’t been given a job in about two weeks. That means I’ve just been sitting down and watching TV for two weeks straight, because I have no hobbies and don’t know how to get on with my own […]

Fallen In Tiles

After eight long months, we’re finally getting a new bathroom! Our shower floor caved in at the start of the year, sounds strange right? That’s because it was strange. I was away on holidays and I came back and we literally didn’t have a shower floor. My brother was showering at the time and he […]

Melbourne Central Painting

If you’ve ever been to Melbourne Central Station, you’d know about the massive eyesore towering over the shopping centre. It’s a big, brown tower that is just a square of brick that goes up and up to the domed roof. It’s absolutely hideous, and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been given a touch up […]

Planner life

When I first got into construction it was because I hated doing anything that involved logistics and organisation. I remember being in high school and being one of the most disorganised students ever. I’ve since realised that I wasn’t organised because I was bored. As I’ve been working in construction and moving my way up […]

Adapting for disability

It’s been a very sad time in the last four months as I’ve seen the health of my husband rapidly decline. No one likes to see a loved one suffer or be uncomfortable. I don’t like to admit that his disability is an inconvenience to me but at the same time, I can’t always be […]

Travelling Car Competition

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the greatest car competition in Australia. I’m your host Moe Bile and I’m here today with my co-host Ty Re. How are you going today, Ty? Yeah, I’m great thanks, Moe! I’m super excited about this year’s competition. And you know what I just realised, we haven’t even said the name […]

Halfway Through Provisions

My eyes literally feel like they are on fire. I’ve been reading provisions from the Wizard of Window Replacement for ten hours now. I’ve got at least another ten hours to go. I had to pull an all-nighter just to get through half, so that I can enter this contract with the wizard. He went […]

Advocating Homes

You know, I really felt like I was learning something when I finished that property course a few months back. Then again, it might be part of the reason I feel a bit listless now. I knew I was learning something vital, and now I’m feeling useless again. Just more hanging around home and trying […]

Room for Ash

Good morning, George! Welcome back to my second blog, where I give secret orders to the members of my highly exclusive club, George. Here we like to shake it up a little and get a bit strange, drinking carbonated water and singing fun songs together. Today Amanda and I will be painting a fantastic design […]

Racing for Earth

This is an announcement for all puny Earthlings. I, Nitrous Dioxyde, have come to your pathetic planet to claim it as my own. I am the fastest driver in the universe, and now challenge your best drivers to a race for the future of your world. If I win, your planet becomes a parking lot […]