Haunted House Hunting

Goob didn’t think he would ever have to deal with being human again. After you pass away once, you shouldn’t have to suffer through it again. It had all begun with innocent ghost pranks possessing people’s air conditioning units. How did it turn into him floating in an internet cafe, trying to decide whether to buy or lease a new home?

What had started with his arm turning fleshy had now crept across his translucent spirit all the way to his chest. It did at least allow him to hold the mouse firmly. Neon street signs outside were the only light in the room. He had sneaked in when the cafe closed – unsure of whether his floating arm would be visible to people yet – and refused to turn on the lights.

He scrolled the pages of real estate listings, trying to envision his second life and what it could look like. It was all too much to bear. He didn’t know the first thing about finding the right home, let alone how to go through the process of conveyancing and settlement. “Strax, do you think I’ll still be able to see you when I’m human?”

Strax, the eldritch horror that engulfed almost the entire cafe with their smoke, was Goob’s best friend. They laughed in reply. “If your human brain saw me, you’d be passing away a second time.

The joke didn’t land with Goob. He sighed, turning his attention back to his search. He had narrowed it down to a couple of homes, all in the same suburb. He would have to research options for conveyancing near Collingwood, the suburb he found most appealing in his search, another day.

He turned to his best friend, trying to drink in the vague details of their glowing eyes and creepy smile one final time. Strax raised their eyebrows, frowning slightly. “What, do I have a time paradox on my face or something?”

Goob shook his head and chuckled. That only seemed to worry his friend more. He closed his browser and began to leave, motioning over his shoulder for Strax to follow.

“Where are we going?” they asked, crouching out of the doorway behind him.

“Tonight, my friend, we are going to say farewell to each other. Ghost style.”