About Us

The Passage is a small group of dedicated searchers who have realised that tsiology- the study of tea- is actually a gateway to happiness, fulfilment and the unveiling of the universe’s many secrets.

We meet twice weekly at 7:30pm in the Derek Landis Community Centre in Collingwood, room 7-F, bringing multiple blends upon which to meditate. Robes are mandatory, and can be purchased from Brother Cornelius’s online store upon your application being accepted.

The Passage is more than simply a bi-weekly club, with members expected to carry out their own research during the week, investigate new blends, give presentations and divulge all their findings into the Tome of Sacred Tsiology, the hallowed book of records.

There is also a biscuit rota. We may be meditating on the secrets of the universe, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to pair a good cuppa with a delicious biscuit snack.


Our History


1997 – Brother Cornelius founds The Passage. For about ten years it’s just him, which is when he realised that calling to new followers via astral projection wasn’t working and he should probably start advertising through real-world networks.

2011 – The group moves into the Derek Landis Community Centre in Collingwood. Crucially, our meeting room now had more than one powerpoint, which means that multiple kettles could be boiled at one time.

2016 – Brother Zhang is sent by the East Asian Tea Mafia to quietly eliminate the group, but ends up seeing the truth of The Passage and becomes a member. Our access to new types of tea greatly expands at the cost of Brother Zhang having to fake the deaths of everyone in the group, including his own.

Present- We look forward to publishing our very first book! It will be titled Devil Beans: How Coffee Seals Up Your Chakra Orifices, and will be the first published work to delve into tsiology-related topics since the 19th century. Check back here for updates!