The Passage

Congratulations, traveller, upon your discovery of The Passage.

Here you will discover the many hidden truths that lie behind the great questions of life, science, philosophy, anthropology, rheumatology, entomology, Koreanology, escapology and the most important discipline of them all…tsiology.

That’s right: we here at The Passage believe that tea is the answer to all of life’s riddles. Grab a cuppa and let’s delve a little deeper.



The little-known study of tea is known as ‘Tsiology’, and we at The Passage believe that it deserves far higher credibility.

The most popular beverage in the world, drunk for thousands of years, a cultural staple for practically every country…and yet, the deep significance of tea remains unexplored! We’re about to take that and turn it on its head.

There’s a powerful reason that humanity is intrinsically linked with tea, and that’s because it can tell us more about ourselves than we could discover in ten lifetimes. Every blend has a story. Every brew, a fresh perspective.

Join us on our tsiology journey to discover the secrets behind every tea blend, from green to black to red…and so very much more.