Foot Struggle

Like every year, at the start of this year I made a New Years resolution that I promised myself I would stick to. Unlike every other year, however, I actually have stuck to this one. Usually I would make a resolution and be determined to stick to it, only to give up a month in […]

Granny Flat Out

I’ve always wanted a house with a granny flat. Why? I can’t rightly say. It’s not about stowing grannies; I’ll tell you that much. I don’t even have any grannies to stow. Nor is it about having more room. It’s something to do with having a space that’s separate from the rest of the house, […]

A Quest Begins

Today I embark on a journey. A journey like no other, like nobody has taken before. I’m going on a quest, the kind you only hear about in stories. There’s another world, hidden all around this one. A world of monsters and heroes. A world of magic. Every myth, every legend, has a basis in […]

Servicing, Intergalactic Style

New year, new me. That’s what they all say, and resolutions of the new year’s variety are notoriously fickle. For me, however, it’s going pretty well. I said to myself that I was going to be a little more adventurous and meet some new people after getting stuck in a rut in 2019…and so I […]

Dates in Cars

My first dates are always in the car. I think it’s a good way to test a potential partner’s qualities. Want to know if they panic easily? I threaten to run a red light or speed a little. Want to test their patience? As soon as the date starts, I let them know I need […]

Business of Aesthetics

I wish Cassie would just go and… I don’t know, read a magazine once in a while. She might be brilliant when it comes to things like optimising efficiency and solving Rubik’s cubes, but she has literally no aesthetic sensibility. Or if she does, it’s built entirely around functionality, which is all well and good […]

Sleep Sooner

Why won’t humans simply learn that they need to instigate the sleep cycle sooner? They drag themselves into the office, day after day, their eyelids twitching and their fingers grasping for caffeinated beverages that supposedly lighten the burden of sleep inertia. I cannot ingest and I certainly cannot experience chemical changes within my physiology, so […]

Pea and Pumpkin

Is it possible to have too much elbow room? This is the question on my mind at the moment. My house is wonderfully big and breezy, to the point that it feels sort of… well, the word ‘cavernous’ springs to mind. Over winter, part of me can’t help but wish it was less cavernous and […]

Stress-Free AI?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually a robot. I mean, it’s possible that that technology exists. Whether it could have existed back in the 80s is more of a question… but then, what if I’ve just been programmed to believe I’ve been around since then? I could be a brand new machine, for all I […]

Moving No Matter What

Just a few days until I leave for the other side of the country, and already, it’s looking like I might have to postpone the trip. No! I will not! I’m putting my foot down, figuratively and literally! I know I’m all-too-tied to my work, so I need to make this a clean break. I […]