Finally, I Can Buy My Boat!

Pshh, sailing isn’t popular anymore…and that’s why i love it.

I can’t get into anything popular, obviously. Popular is mainstream, and mainstream is unacceptable, which was particularly annoying recently, and I shall tell you why. I’d been sidling around the edge of boating for quite a while- because I found it to be relevant to my interests- but then all of a sudden it became popular. Everyone at my uni ditched their cars and started coming to uni in boats, and mechanics in Melbourne who did the outboard motor repairs and services became like rock stars. Like how mechanics used to be, and are again, because it turned out that the boat thing was a fad.

Now, the only people still boating are the ones that have a real passion for it, just how it’s always been. Well, always since the dawn of the automobile, that is. I’m really glad it happened this way as well, because imagine is cars fell out of favour entirely and it was just boats, forever. I never would’ve gotten to live my dream of sailing from place to place, the wind in my hair, except it’s wind from the sea and not from a car window. There are plenty of ways to get wind, but sea wind is the best.

So now I guess I need to start shopping for the boat of my dreams, which will also involve getting to know where the cool hipster pubs are where they only talk about boats, outboard motors, anchor winches, and other stuff. You know…havens for the true believers, where you can get tips and share your passion with the hallowed, like-minded few. I can’t wait!

True, I’m restricting myself to basically just coastal areas and anything along the Yarra, but that just makes things even more enticing and exclusive. I mean, the CBD is out, but…that’s so mainstream. I just need a proper outboard motor service, Melbourne should have plenty of companies I can turn to.  I’m avoiding big buildings and shopping centres for the foreseeable future.