Travelling Car Competition

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the greatest car competition in Australia. I’m your host Moe Bile and I’m here today with my co-host Ty Re. How are you going today, Ty?

Yeah, I’m great thanks, Moe! I’m super excited about this year’s competition. And you know what I just realised, we haven’t even said the name of it yet! Welcome to the Travelling Car Competition! For those of you who missed last years spectacle, the premise of the competition is this – a broken down car travels to several locations across Australia, and we find amateurs to fix it! Sounds great, doesn’t it Moe?

It sure does, Ty! I can’t wait for it to get started. For those watching at home, the competition starts here in Melbourne, Australia at a Brighton service centre. We scouted these locations specifically, so I hope the appeal of it is just as obvious to the audience as it is to us! 

I’d be surprised if it wasn’t, Moe. Now, to restate the rules, qualified mechanics are banned from applying for this show. I want to make it absolutely clear that no one competing is qualified to maintain, service or repair any cars… doesn’t that just make this whole thing so exciting! 

Definitely, Ty. There’s nothing more exciting than someone risking their life trying to do a dangerous tyre replacement in the Brighton area or anywhere else in the country, for that matter. For the kids watching at home, we absolutely do not condone doing your own mechanical work. Please take your car to a licensed mechanic or you may experience more issues than when you tried fixing it in the first place.

Good words, Moe. It’s something that we’re going to be reinforcing during the entire competition. It’s important to stay safe… unless you’re in the Travelling Car Competition of course. Then anything is fair game. I want to see the contestants replace four tyres with their bare hands!