Honk Honk, It’s Your Neighbour Hank

That’s right, it’s AI Month at the Futurist Club! Always an exciting time, and especially now that we have an entire month dedicated to them. The discussion always seemed to stretch on way too long, so we thought we’d make it official. At least people know what they’re in for. Artificial Intelligence is my favourite […]

Butter Fingers Behind Wheel

Should’ve known that being clumsy would be my eventual downfall. It’s all well and good tipping over plant pots and banging your head on kitchen cupboards, but when you get behind the wheel of a car, things get serious. And things get REALLY expensive. I don’t have the absolute worst coordination and all my senses […]

Working With Cars Was Actually Okay

Work experience was way more fun than I thought it’d be. When I first heard about it, and then they said that we’d have to write 2000 words on the experience, I basically died right there. I hate writing…give me maths any day. And that’s saying something because I hate maths as well. But now […]