Adapting for disability

It’s been a very sad time in the last four months as I’ve seen the health of my husband rapidly decline. No one likes to see a loved one suffer or be uncomfortable. I don’t like to admit that his disability is an inconvenience to me but at the same time, I can’t always be around to help him. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just not always possible. Plus, I can see the frustration and sadness in his eyes as he longs for being able to function independently again. I’ve been speaking with the highest recommended bathroom designers around Melbourne to figure out if there’s anything that can be done.

Ideally, I’d like to build something that makes it easy for him to get himself into a shower or bath without having to rely on his legs or someone having to carry him. He’s such a tall person who is over a foot taller than me, last time I tried to carry him I ended up with a really bad muscle strain which left him feeling awful. If the shower or bath could allow for him to sit when he needs to that would be extra helpful as it would minimise the risk of him falling. Another great feature would be a toilet that is easy for him to sit on. I have spoken to him about the idea of having a wheelchair accessible bathroom design and while he seemed saddened that this is something we need, he understood it was for his own safety and to have improved ease of life. He’s so inspiring in this time while he tries to adjust to these changes. I love him so much and I just hate seeing him have to suffer day-to-day. I keep reminding him that there’s no need to feel ashamed about these changes as they’re small subtle things to make his life easier.