Seizing Those Opportunities

Life…life is all about seizing opportunity. That’s what it said in the October entry on my Woke Phrase of the Month Calendar, and I’ve been trying to take that to heart ever since. Why, just yesterday I heard a rumbling noise in my car and instead of investigating (which may have closed off that avenue of opportunity), I instead tried to listen to what the universe was telling me, through my car. Turns out the message was ‘try the new Darjeeling’, and it was actually quite nice, so well done universe. One point to you.

Also been dealing with a bit of a situation this week, as my housemates really want to call some drain unblocking professionals from Melbourne and I’ve been…well, I’ve been trying to thwart their efforts. Just a little bit. I’m not saying I want the drain to be permanently blocked, but I was the first person to notice the gurgling noise it makes and I found it spoke to me in a way I’ve never experienced. I immediately rushed to get my guitar and found that the gurgling was producing a melodic tune, and even to a beat. I’m not saying there are lyrics in there or anything, but that’s my job: the universe has used this blocked drain to provide musical inspiration, and I can’t pass up that opportunity.

I THINK the drain repair people may have called yesterday, but I was the only person in the apartment, and I was so close to completing the sixth verse, so I…didn’t let them in. Might have been the postman, but I couldn’t take that chance. Once my song is finished, then Melbourne’s very best drain cleaning people can come in here and go crazy. They can unblock that drain and every other one in the house.

But my song must be created. And I’m dedicating it to my housemates, to make up for not being able to use the kitchen sink for a week, so I think they’ll be happy once they know the whole story.