I’m really bored at the moment. I’m supposed to be working (I’m a freelance architect), but I haven’t been given a job in about two weeks. That means I’ve just been sitting down and watching TV for two weeks straight, because I have no hobbies and don’t know how to get on with my own company. 

I’ve been looking online for things to do to keep myself entertained whilst I’m in between jobs, and the thing that seems most suitable for me is learning how to be a carpenter. That way I’ll have a good understanding of what builders do when I give them the plans that I’ve designed. I’m hoping it’ll give me a competitive edge in the freelance industry. 

My first step to learning how to build things is to go to the hardware store local to Cheltenham. I need to buy the relevant tools, like wood, nails, a hammer and all that stuff to be able to start building anything. It’s pretty cool because I’m going to design something simple and then see if I can bring it to life. If I can, I’m going to start progressively designing more and more complex things to challenge myself. That’ll be in a couple of months time, though, I assume.

This is the first time in a while that I’ve actually been excited about something. I’m excited to learn a new skill that is going to progress my career. I’m hoping the people who work at the hardware store will help me understand the difference between all the building supplies. In Cheltenham, there is an abundance of building supplies and tools and all that jazz available to the general public. It’s pretty cool because it helps people like me learn a new skill and build things that could be of use, however, it is confusing when there are so many options to choose from. Anyway, I’m excited to get started!