Fallen In Tiles

After eight long months, we’re finally getting a new bathroom! Our shower floor caved in at the start of the year, sounds strange right? That’s because it was strange. I was away on holidays and I came back and we literally didn’t have a shower floor. My brother was showering at the time and he said it scared the living daylights out of him. Pretty much the floor/wood under the shower tiles had slowly disintegrated over the last twenty years, coming to a big collapse eight months ago now.

We’ve started smashing up the tiles ourselves to save money on the bathroom renovation cost. My parents aren’t a bottomless pit of money (as much as I wish they were), so we have to do what we can to make the bathroom renovation process easier and cheaper. Like, it’s annoying but having to share a shower for eight months is way more annoying. I’m willing to do some hard labour if it means that I don’t have to share a shower with my parents anymore.

Seeing as my parents are getting older, I might jokingly mention that we should make some plans to do some bathroom renovations for elderly people. Melbourne residents take their bathrooms very seriously. We have an aging population and I love reminding my parents that they’re a part of it. It’s just a bit of banter that I’ve had with my parents since they turned fifty. They hate being reminded that they’re getting old. It’s really funny.

Anyway, I digress! It’s time that I start my next shift smashing up the tiles. The faster that we get this done the sooner I can shower in my own personal space again. I was planning on moving out at the end of this year, but if we get a fancy new bathroom, maybe I’ll hang around for a little bit longer. Exciting times are coming, that’s for sure!