Melbourne Central Painting

If you’ve ever been to Melbourne Central Station, you’d know about the massive eyesore towering over the shopping centre. It’s a big, brown tower that is just a square of brick that goes up and up to the domed roof. It’s absolutely hideous, and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been given a touch up to make the station and shopping centre more appealing. Why can’t they just hire the best Melbourne-based commercial painter and get them to give it a nice coat of paint? Apparently, that’s too hard, or maybe it would cost too much to have a building so big painted.

I wouldn’t care what they painted on the building. They could paint a mural of a giant giraffe munching on an aeroplane it caught in its mouth, for all I care. Sure, it would be a bit weird, but at least it would be something interesting to look at. Literally, anything would be an improvement. To make it look even better, they could commission fence painting for the barriers around the building. The fences, as they are now, kind of suck. They’re just a boring white colour. I know that technically white isn’t a colour, but for the purpose of this rant, I’m calling it a colour.

Anyway, I just want something interesting to look at whenever I get off the train to go to uni. At the moment, I’d rather stare at a field of wheat. It’s unfathomably boring right now. A truly terrible way to start my day. I get off my train after a long trip, go up two flights of escalators, only to find that monstrosity before me. I try to distract myself with the giant clock hanging in the air, but it does little to settle the nausea building within me. Yet another day of uni completely ruined by the big, boring building. Please, whoever is in charge of it, do something about this problem!