Heartwarming Solar

I’m not an emotional person, usually. I sat through the entirety of Sally McDeal, they got to the part where the guy said the famous “You fulfil me, completely” line, and I just felt…meh. I was hungry, but my girlfriend was in floods of tears, so I thought just removing my arm from around her shoulder and going into the kitchen to make nachos would be a jerk move. In fact, I still don’t think I’ve ever cried in a movie. It’s just a movie. Seriously.

But every now and then, something just hit me where I live. This time it was an autobiography I picked up in the doctor’s office, and then went out and bought because I just wanted to find out more. You’ve probably heard of it. “To Kill the Light”, about the guy who was convinced that the solar industry was actually the product of either a hostile alien invasion force or secret splinter cell, one or the other. The book is his journey to greater enlightenment, and also solar power discovery, and his road to recovering his view of the world from the brink of disaster, and wow. It’s heart-rending stuff.

It’s not like I relate to him on that level, or anything. I’m fine with industrial solar. Melbourne is proudly at the forefront of the green energy revolutions that is happening in this country. While I’ve never thought much about power storage or powerwalls or solar calculators, I have nothing against them. Mostly I’m just a simple guy who hopes he has enough phone charge for browsing on my commute. But this guy’s past, how he was raised to hate solar power, and all the indoctrination that involved smashing solar panels and chanting about how the powers that be would not overcome the land with their wicked schemes…it’s intense stuff.

Now he’s looking into business ventures with various commercial energy storage options in Melbourne. Now, I will admit…a good happy ending totally gets me every single time. Even if it won’t make me cry.