Great Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

If you’re the owner of a home, then you have a great responsibility. You can do whatever you like to the house. It’s liberating not having the renter’s problem of not being able to hammer in nails or go for any serious renovation work. However, whatever you do to the place will preferably be permanent, so you need to pick the right things that will suit your home. A few of the more bold ideas include:

  1. A pool. Yes, it’s a pricey option and it also depends where you live, but a pool adds an unimaginable amount of value to a house, especially one that’s done well. Combined with a properly constructed decking, this can quickly turn into the ultimate summer hangout. Ideally, you’ll want to have a back garden slightly on the larger side so the pool doesn’t end up swallowing the entire thing, and some kind of shade- such as suspended tarp- is also a good idea.
  2. Digital printed removable wallpaper is an emerging and interesting way to improve your home. Instead of attempting to cover up blank space with pictures, which will need nails or expensive holders, you can have graphics or even photos printed directly onto the wall. The design is completely up to you, though it has to be something that fits in with your current colour scheme. For the kids’ rooms, you could try printing their favourite characters straight onto the wall, and other rooms might each have a motif.
  3. An extension. Again, it’s a pricey option but can do wonders for the interior, and provides an extra room, custom built, for anything you could possibly need. Use it as a storage room, or design it as a glass gazebo so you can see the outside world. Turn it into a playroom with custom wallpaper, or another bedroom, a downstairs bathroom, a cloakroom…the possibilities are infinite. Whatever you need, an extension can help you achieve it whilst adding value.

From designer wallpaper to completely new rooms, your home’s value could shoot right up if you make the right calls. Follow your judgement on what works best for your own place and don’t forget to have fun with colour.