I woke up this morning to a raindrop falling on my face… just one. So confusing! No, I hadn’t accidentally fallen asleep in the hammock again. What had happened was the skylight had cracked overnight, and the glass was hanging in place by the skin of its teeth. There was just enough of a gap between the pieces for a drop of water to squeeze in and alert me to the impending disaster above my bed. It was kind of bizarre.

I can see how some people might think it’s weird to have a skylight directly over one’s bed in the first place, but I like to wake up with natural light so it totally suits me. I’d never have expected the glass to crack like that, though. I only had time for a really quick appraisal of the situation before I had to jet out, but from what I can tell, a falling branch is the culprit. How I didn’t get woken up by it, though, is a mystery to me. It must have been quite a crash.

So, uh… what’s the deal with skylight glass replacement. Melbourne companies that can pop out and get this dealt with fast, right? Please tell me that’s the case. I feel like this has got to be at least as inconvenient as having a broken window, because if it rains again, the whole thing is liable to collapse into my bedroom.

Maybe it’s a sign. You see, I’ve been meaning to get a glazier out to repair the glass stair balustrade out the back. One of the panels got a bit messed up that time Bill backed into it in the ute, and mum is still harping on about it every time she comes over, which is kind of fair enough since she was the one who shelled out for the backyard renovation.

I don’t think I’ll let her know about this skylight situation – I’ll never hear the end of how dangerous it is to be sleeping under a glass window.