Shops Need Air Con

Fridays are always busy at work. It’s good, I have to do the ‘open til closed’ shift at the sandwich shop and time always flies by. I think the constant rush of people and running around like headless chickens helps time go by. We have a lot of regular customers which is nice. Everyone is […]

Those Less Fortunate

As the old song goes: “Play that chunky soup jig, night Roy.” As my name is Roy and I work the night shift in a soup kitchen, I’ve discovered the meaning of those words more than ever. And while I’ve never been much of a dancer, in that kitchen at night when I’m the only […]

Double Air Con Trouble

How am I supposed to keep up with TWO reality TV shows about trades at once? It’s just silly. I know ‘The Great Australian Trade-Off’ has just started and ‘Jack of All Trades’ is in its semi-final week, but it’s just silly. This has to be some kind of scheduling error, especially since they both […]