Air Con

Double Air Con Trouble

How am I supposed to keep up with TWO reality TV shows about trades at once? It’s just silly. I know ‘The Great Australian Trade-Off’ has just started and ‘Jack of All Trades’ is in its semi-final week, but it’s just silly. This has to be some kind of scheduling error, especially since they both had their air con cooling-theme on the same day.

Golly. That’s what you get when gigantic networks start competing against each other. On the positive side, I now understand everything these is to know about quality air conditioning. Canberra is the setting for both shows, which tells me a lot about the climate of that region. I must say, so far these programs are even better than I ever could’ve expected.

On Jack of All Trades, there was a challenge where they had to go into government house, of all places, and fix seven air conditioning units around the place. EACH. It fit Dylan’s skill-set fairly well, whereas I think Charlene was getting frustrated because she’s managed to make it through the competition so far without fixing anything electronic. Now that the teams have separated, she found herself up the creek when it came to performing air conditioning repairs. I have newfound respect for the talented young gentleman who performed my air conditioner repair near Canberra. Anyway, Charlene is a proud one, so her strategy was mostly just to snap at people and try to figure it out through sheer willpower. No spoilers, but she was absolutely eliminated.

Then we have ‘Warm Climate Week’ over on the Great Australian Trade-Off, where after fixing some tricky cooling parts they had to replace an unknown component in an air conditioning unit, and then finish off by rigging together their own portable air conditioner from scratch.

People are so much nicer on the latter show. If someone has a problem, even though they’re all competing, everyone pitches in. So lovely. If it was up to me, I’d give any one of them a job. Such a nice bunch of young people. I do hope they all win.