Air Con

Shops Need Air Con

Fridays are always busy at work. It’s good, I have to do the ‘open til closed’ shift at the sandwich shop and time always flies by. I think the constant rush of people and running around like headless chickens helps time go by. We have a lot of regular customers which is nice. Everyone is very friendly – which makes it a great working environment. It was just on lunchtime and the que was heading out the door. It was starting to get incredibly busy and my junior staff member was running late. I was doing my best to serve as quickly as possible when I realised that the cheese looked a little worse for wear. I had a closer look at it and it was hot. I realised that my back was drenched in sweat and that all the customers were red faced. I stopped serving and asked the customers if they could feel the air conditioning working. They all said it was hotter in the store than outside. At that moment the junior arrived and we did our best to clear the store of customers.

Once the customers were served I went out the back to sort out the air conditioning. The unit was on but there was no cool air coming out. On a sticker I noticed there was a phone number for a company that does air conditioning repairs. Melbourne is known to be warm all year round so it’s important to get air conditioners serviced. I decided that it couldn’t wait so I phoned them up. I explained my situation to the woman from the air conditioning service, Melbourne was going through a heatwave so they were rather busy.

I explained that it was an emergency and thankfully they were able to rearrange some appointments for me. The store was starting to get busy so I went out to help serve. An hour later the air conditioning technicians pulled out the front. It was such a relief to know I wouldn’t have to be serving soggy, sweaty cheese anymore.