Super Perfect Windows

The doors to our Gothic home, as it currently stands, just won’t do. I like many things about our mansion, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. For one thing, there just aren’t enough gargoyles. If we don’t get some gargoyles in there this instant, then we’re getting spirits just all over the place, and those things are just the most irritating pests to remove. Not enough flying buttresses, and obviously it’d be nice if there was a permanent thunderstorm. Jury’s still out on whether we can make that happen. Perhaps we can also look into some statues lining the front driveway, all of whom have agonised looks carved into their faces. Now THAT would make this feel like home!

And most obvious of all, theĀ aluminium door replacement. No Payler-Alucard should have to put up with an aluminium door, especially when an imposing wooden door is so much more our style. Giant, wooden, with a knocker in the shape of a rabid bat, fangs bared. Not sure what kind of bat…a fruit bat, maybe? Timber door replacement sounds like a nice compromise. Our front door back in my home country was oak, but timber is very ‘in’ right now and I don’t see why we can’t keep up with the times. We maybe have been around for a long time…and I really do mean a long time…but there’s still room for change. Timber doors can be just as imposing, if not more so. Naturally, I’ll discuss things with my darling wife and we’ll come up with something terribly nice. She has such a wonderful sense of style. She was the one who found us the sash window replacement company near Melbourne who gave us these beautifully-blacked-out windows. Functional, stylish and secure. We just need a good thunderstorm, and it’ll start to feel like we’re back home.