Servicing, Intergalactic Style

New year, new me. That’s what they all say, and resolutions of the new year’s variety are notoriously fickle. For me, however, it’s going pretty well. I said to myself that I was going to be a little more adventurous and meet some new people after getting stuck in a rut in 2019…and so I did! Sort of!

I mean, I made an Odd-Match account. Cycled through the options for quite a while, but eventually I found that ‘log book servicing history of fictional spaceships in the Space Battles series’ was, indeed, on the list. Now I’m in contact with all four of the other people in Australia who are into the same thing as me! 

You see, the mechanics near me are very good at log book servicing, auto service and the like, but I feel like they mostly just deal in real vehicles. You know those things; cars, motorbikes, the things that humans in the real world ride round inside, or upon. Eventually I started thinking…all those ships in Space Battles, they need mechanic servicing? I mean, they don’t run on diesel and their auto electrical requirements are probably quite different, but still, they probably get something akin to a log book service. Imagine if we could see those log books. What an amazingly deep and intricate feat of world-building that would be! 

I mostly just sketched and drew them up by myself for a while, which is probably why I ended up alone with no friends, hence the…rather empty 2019. But now I’m connected with people who share my log book passions, we can share our creations! There have been a couple of tiffs, namely ones over the miles travelled by the Centurion Pigeon, and how often it needs a compressor service. Vince said that since Cray ripped out the compressor in The Push Wakes Up, the warranty is now void, so I had to point out that Cray simply circumvented the compressor, which leaves the warranty very much in tact.

Oh, if only those Milperra mechanics could see me now! They’d probably say…“good for you, but I really need to get some work done.” Like they always do. Classic.