School Eye Test

I was nervous as I waited for my eye test at school. I had never seen an optometrist before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The optometrist was part of a government program that was testing all of the students in my school to see if we needed glasses. I watched as my classmates lined up outside the classroom, waiting for their turn.

When it was my turn, the optometrist led me into a section of the hall that was set up just for the eye tests. It was away from the rest of the class, and I felt a little bit alone. The optometrist was friendly, though, and he quickly put me at ease as he had a lot of experience as a child’s optometrist. He showed me the different machines that he would be using, and explained how they would help him to test my eyes. He even let me try on a pair of glasses, just to see what they felt like.

During the test, I was surprised at how easy it was. I just had to look at a series of letters on a chart and tell the optometrist which ones I could see. He made sure that I was comfortable at all times, and he even gave me some breaks when I needed them. After the test, the optometrist told me that I did need glasses. I was a little bit disappointed at first, but then he showed me all of the different frames that I could choose from.

There were so many different colours and shapes, but in the end, I picked out a pair of black frames with purple accents. They felt comfortable on my face, and I was excited to wear them to school. The optometrist told me that a lot of other children would be wearing glasses soon too, since he was part of a program for family eye tests. Bentleigh had a lot of children who needed glasses. When I walked back into my classroom, my classmates were all staring at me. They wanted to know what had happened in the eye test section of the hall. I told them all about the machines that the optometrist had used, and how I got my glasses.