Resistance or Wallpaper?

Joining the Resistance seemed like the obvious choice, even if they were in total shambles. But as Maphira sat back down in the play tunnel, legs and arms crossed, she found it wasn’t such an easy decision to make. All these thoughts about wallpapers had her wondering if she’d gotten it wrong all those years ago. Maybe she was meant for a more peaceful life than being a detective or helping lead a resistance.

Of course, things were bad in Robotopia. Terrible, even. Somebody had to take a stand and put a stop to it. But was that really Maphira’s responsibility? Didn’t she deserve a peaceful existence, helping families install ocean wallpaper in their children’s rooms? 

But Rylee was in trouble. She couldn’t turn her back on her sister, even if Rylee had done exactly that before. That said, Rylee knew what she was doing. She could probably get herself out of the mess she was walking into.

The thing was, Maphira had taken a stand against the Conclave of Mechanists. How had that ended last time? It’d ended with her best friend betraying her, as well as the start of Robotopia. She’d only made things worse. Revenge wasn’t a factor here – Maphira had never been motivated by such pettiness. 

So, what was the right decision? Open a business with dance wallpaper for sale in Melbourne, or fight back against this dystopia of Robotopia? 

While she’d turned her back on marine welding to fight, perhaps it hadn’t been about taking a stand against their oppressors. Maybe she just hated marine welding. If she found a profession she actually liked, maybe she could be happy. Maybe that profession was working with wallpaper and art prints to go on walls.

Then again, maybe she was just deluding herself. She’d joined the police force because she wanted to help people and make a difference.

Wasn’t that exactly what she’d be doing with the Resistance?

“Fine,” she said to the woman who awaited her response. “I’ll join you. But the first thing we’ll be doing at your base is a little bit of redecorating.”