Property agent

Property, not Secret Asssassinations

Like…what if I DON’T want to learn how to kill from the shadows? Have Mum and Dad ever thought of that? I get that yoga is a cool way to stay healthy and develop, like…what is it teacher says? ‘Situational awareness’? That’s when you’re aware of situations. And situations are everywhere, all the time.

But we have to be up at 5:30 every morning, and it’s a drag. Plus I’m pretty sure the only career option my teacher wants us to have is working from the shadows as a deadly stock broker, which…I mean, that isn’t even a thing in modern days, and we don’t live there anymore.

We had a careers expo at school, and there were loads of people representing loads of jobs. Like, what if I wanted to be a property conveyancer. Richmond has those, and they’re right around the corner, so I could easily commute from the clan headquarters. Maybe I could attack from the shadows by night, and be a normal conveyancing professional by day. I mean, it sounds like it’d be a decent enough job, houses are cool, I have a lot of patience for paperwork and stuff, so why not? My brother just left last month because he fell out with the elders, and I heard he got a job as a security guard somewhere. I don’t want to fall out with the clan, but I do think it’d be cool to live a double life. Like, chef by day, accountant by night. All work is done by night anyway, and we’ve been taught to exist on half an hour of waking sleep anyway. But nah, we have to spend all day doing nothing, and then go out to assassinate people at night.

I’m gonna tell Mum and Dad that I want to be a conveyancer, see what they say. Not infiltrating a conveyancing and settlement firm to get closer to a target…just conveyancing as a normal job. Is that SO wrong?