Pea and Pumpkin

Is it possible to have too much elbow room? This is the question on my mind at the moment. My house is wonderfully big and breezy, to the point that it feels sort of… well, the word ‘cavernous’ springs to mind. Over winter, part of me can’t help but wish it was less cavernous and more cosy, even though I appreciate the air flow come summer. 

The bathroom is particularly oversized. I struggle to make it feel like the enclosed sanctuary I wish it to be; there’s just an excess of empty space and it all feels a bit cold. I’ve tried using plants and decorative bundles of driftwood to jazz it up, but what it really needs is a new layout. I’m sure there are heaps of cool things you can do with tubs and showers and double vanity units these days. 

What’s the best company for bathroom renovations in Melbourne? Ideally, they’d also have in-house designers who can decode this space and figure out how to use it to best effect. I mean, most people wish their bathrooms were bigger, not smaller, so I reckon I’m sitting on gold here. Think of the possibilities! Like… um… well, I’m pretty sure there are some amazing ones. I just don’t know what they are, and this is why I need a professional bathroom designer to put some on the table. 

Speaking of tables, my dining area could do with a makeover as well. It’s continuous with the kitchen, in an open-plan configuration that I understand is highly prized, but I’d actually like it if the two areas could be a bit more separate. Again, though, I don’t really know the scope of possibilities. I do have a few kitchen design ideas up my sleeve, but I couldn’t say how they’d translate to my space. 

That’s the thing with this house. A lot of concepts that would work awesomely elsewhere come across like a pea on a pumpkin in here.