Moving No Matter What

Just a few days until I leave for the other side of the country, and already, it’s looking like I might have to postpone the trip.

No! I will not! I’m putting my foot down, figuratively and literally! I know I’m all-too-tied to my work, so I need to make this a clean break. I need to put thoughts of useless dancers and arduous recasting out of my head. They can handle this themselves, surely; the industry goes on around me every day without me having to step into everything. I just feel like I have to, and it’s not true.

Phew! Now that little positive thinking session is out of the way, it’s time to start planning for the trip. The lava caves don’t sound too difficult- who hasn’t seen a lava cave or two? It’s the conveyancers office I’m concerned about.

Here in Melbourne, conveyancers and solicitors like to have their workspace in a certain way. I should know, because at one point, my hit musical was all about them. It’s now about firefighters, but that’s a tale and a workload for another day. I did my research into a conveyancing office, down to the very last detail, made all the more difficult by the fact that everyone does it differently. If these people want even a scene set in a conveyancing office, then it’s going to be a lot of work for me as I figure out what makes those folks tick in Perth. What’s their filing system like? Do they see their clients in private offices or in an open meeting space? Their opinion of their vendors statement is an important one, as some offices brandish it over the front door and others stick to it while following their own regulations also.

The industry goes deep indeed, and I won’t settle for any representation that’s less than perfect. I’ll need to speak to a representative from a Perth company. Or better yet, I’ll just use one of my Melbourne connections. The property transfers specific to Melbourne, I’m betting they know how it’s done elsewhere. I swear to uphold the accuracy of the conveyancing profession…even if it’s just for one scene.