Let There Be Light, And Also DDR

I think our art group may have peaked too early. People absolutely love the giant batteries we set up in the city centre, for so many great reasons. It lets them charge their devices, it gives them a place to get in some quick exercise on the bikes that generate the power, and it’s just something where everyone can help each other out while saving the planet.

And now everyone wants the next ‘big thing’. We’ve been struggling with the concept, because it has to be better, but giant batteries are currently as good as it gets. Someone said that commercial LED lighting solutions for companies in Melbourne are currently the hottest of the hot commodities, but we’re not just going to jump on any old trend just because it has a green aspect. We need to feel like there’s potential for LED lighting to become an art piece, one that will catch people’s attention and teach them something about energy usage.

See what I mean? You create one miracle of energy storage, and suddenly nothing else is good enough. Amelda mentioned that we could create some kind of display using the lighting, but how would that help? We’d just be using energy instead of generating it. Ian seemed to think that getting people to run on treadmills to cause the lights to flash a planet-friendly message in Morse code could be an option, but that’s been done. If it’s not totally unique, we’re not doing it.

I’ve just had a ‘flash’ of inspiration! If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s DDR. People nowadays go absolutely crazy for game rhythm games, almost as much as dumplings and hamburgers. So we set up a massive field of dance-pads in the middle of some heavy foot traffic location, all connected to the best commercial LED lighting money can buy. People will dance, dance their hearts out, thus creating a magnificent light display!

Exercise, fun, lighting…it’s perfect, maybe, probably!