Keep Out the Germs

I like flowers as much as anyone, but a hospital is a delicate place. Germs are everywhere, people with weak immune systems are also everywhere, and the two of them don’t mix. Not that we want to instigate a draconian policy where we have to frisk flowers at the door for signs of germ infection, and then toss them into the incinerator but there have to be rules. Otherwise you get a mysterious stranger roaming the halls and dropping daffodils everywhere, and those daffodils could’ve been everywhere!

I should make a list and have it posted to all the wards, because certain flowers belong in hospitals while others do not. Daffodils are usually fine, just make sure the soil is cleared away. No bulbs. Not even spring flowering bulbs, which I know are very pretty, but we don’t grow flowers here. Having soil just lying around in a hospital room is a recipe for disaster and a breeding ground for germs, plus some people just aren’t well enough to take care of plants so why bother?

Roses…roses are borderline. I’ll have to do some further research into certain breed of roses, but in general I’d prefer the ones that hold together well. Can’t be clearing up petals all the time, under the beds and in all kinds of irritating places. And besides, who brings roses to a hospital? They’re very nice, but keep them for dates and anniversaries. Hyacinths are quite a favourite of mine as well…not so much shedding.

You know, I’m just going to type up the list. Type it up, print a bunch of them out, laminate them and stick them all over the place so that we have a new flower policy. Spring bulbs are out, but bring as many tulips as you like, because as I will admit, the colours of our walls could be a little more exciting.