Honk Honk, It’s Your Neighbour Hank

That’s right, it’s AI Month at the Futurist Club! Always an exciting time, and especially now that we have an entire month dedicated to them. The discussion always seemed to stretch on way too long, so we thought we’d make it official. At least people know what they’re in for.

Artificial Intelligence is my favourite piece of futurism, and that’s because they’re going to be combining my two great loves: cars and technology. Also, cup holders. Imagine sitting at home and asking your car to simply drive itself to a mechanic in the Bentleigh area. For the record, the mechanics in Bentleigh are better than other suburbs. Instead of having to drive your car, you just command it to go get a service! The most advanced artificial intelligence will even be able to negotiate a good deal on the price.

Now, that’s going to look pretty weird at first. Fortunately it’ll be pretty safe due to self-driving cars being the norm, but I’ll admit, the first time you see your next-door neighbour’s car tearing down the street by itself, it’ll be odd. Zooming past giving you a cheery honk with the horn, it’ll be a bit strange at first but eventually will be very normal.

The world will get used to it. Mechanics will start to learn how to service a ‘vehicle’ that chats with them during the process, much like hairdressers. People won’t get quite so much road-rage, because if someone cuts you off it’ll just be like bumping into someone in the hallway. You just apologise and move on like normal people.

What a blessed existence it will be, doing as a car does.

The only problem will be public transportation…I don’t see much point for it if a car can drive you to work and then drive home and wait for you. Worry not my friends, the best automotive car services Bentleigh has to offer will be at the forefront of this new technology! It’ll take some time though, normal cars aren’t going anywhere overnight.

But do you know what the average car DOES have room for? More cup holders.