Get in the Robot, Shinji!

I do believe that it’s time for Shinji to get in the robot. Such is the central theme of ‘Neo-Men-Assist San-Fran’, which deals with the complex topics of defending the San Francisco area of 2078 from an invasion by alien cyborgs. And of course, this is achieved by way of piloting giant humanoid robots. That’s the idea, anyway. I’m not overly fond of the main protagonist, Shinji Jones, because he has a certain reluctance to get in the robot, and I don’t feel like his voice actor does a particularly great job. Oh, and the anime overall is WAY too obvious with its themes and story. Got to keep the viewers guessing in some aspects, right? Can’t wear it ALL on your sleeve.

Anyway, at least I can empathise a little bit with Shinji due to his arthritis, which is so bad that his best friend and token female doctor seeks out a dry needling course so she can help him out. For you see, dry needling a few decades into the future has advanced to the point where you can do it to people’s fingers, and it’ll soothe arthritis. According to the show’s wiki, in 2062 it was discovered that there are trigger points in people’s fingers than can become messed up by arthritis, and Shinji was foolish enough to crack his knuckles too much as a child, essentially crippling his fingers. That’s definitely a thing and not a myth, you know.

So now the show is up to a tournament arc where everyone is getting into their giant robots to compete to see who’s the best at defending San Francisco, and Shinji still isn’t getting in the robot. He needs dry needling, and fast! But the doctor is at the dry needling course taking place in Sydney, and she might not make it back in time. And if Shinji doesn’t get dry needling, he won’t be able to get in the robot!

Will she makes it in time?

I don’t know yet. It’s a weekly series.