Advocating Homes

You know, I really felt like I was learning something when I finished that property course a few months back. Then again, it might be part of the reason I feel a bit listless now. I knew I was learning something vital, and now I’m feeling useless again. Just more hanging around home and trying […]

Property, not Secret Asssassinations

Like…what if I DON’T want to learn how to kill from the shadows? Have Mum and Dad ever thought of that? I get that yoga is a cool way to stay healthy and develop, like…what is it teacher says? ‘Situational awareness’? That’s when you’re aware of situations. And situations are everywhere, all the time. But […]

Home Buying: Pure Silliness

Buying a home is something no man should ever have to endure. Or woman…because on this blog, we try to be progressive. No, but really, we as a species should really be aiming to move forward with life and efficiency, and the first step is getting rid of all the red tape. There are buyers […]