Literally Shook RN

I’ve got to make some changes to my viewing habits. The doctor said that if I plan on watching any more Neat-Flicks, I need to find a place that sells portable hyperbaric chambers in Melbourne and buy one, because it might just save my life. Which is fair, in my opinion. I get shook way […]

Silence, Child Genius

Oh yeah, because what I needed in my life today was to be condescended to by an eleven-year-old. I woke up this morning and said “golly, wow, I desperately need the experience in my life of being passively belittled by a smiling grade five child”. That’s not true. That never actually happened. I never wake […]

Oxygen Therapy is Probably the Better Option

I once spent seven days and nights on my knees, chanting in a sacred spell circle to bring forth a wave of frost to counteract the accursed heat-wave of the demon prince. Several of us died in the attempt, and I got a cramp for days. DAYS, afterwards!! Then I happen to be banished to […]

Get in the Robot, Shinji!

I do believe that it’s time for Shinji to get in the robot. Such is the central theme of ‘Neo-Men-Assist San-Fran’, which deals with the complex topics of defending the San Francisco area of 2078 from an invasion by alien cyborgs. And of course, this is achieved by way of piloting giant humanoid robots. That’s […]