The Buff Reboot

Oh great, they’re rebooting ANOTHER beloved show and apparently butchering it. I was born far too late to enjoy ‘The Buff Boat’, which is all about people on a seemingly never-ending cruise where they learn to get fit, eat healthy, participate in bodybuilding contests and have all kinds of affairs. But I just watched some […]

Marine Welding For Girls

I used to love the old ‘Her-Bla’ series, way back in the late 80s when it was airing. Super cheesy now, of course, but there just weren’t many girl superheroes on TV and I was thrilled to find one who wasn’t just some tough action chick with tattoos who’s basically a man. Her-Bla was pretty, […]

Take Your Boat and Go!

I’ve been running this competition for thirty-seven years, and we’ve NEVER had to kick out a competitor. Never thought it would happen before I retired, either. Fishing is a sport of tranquillity, free from all of those foolish displays of rage so endemic to other sports. I was proud that we were a bastion in […]

Finally, I Can Buy My Boat!

Pshh, sailing isn’t popular anymore…and that’s why i love it. I can’t get into anything popular, obviously. Popular is mainstream, and mainstream is unacceptable, which was particularly annoying recently, and I shall tell you why. I’d been sidling around the edge of boating for quite a while- because I found it to be relevant to […]