Butter Fingers Behind Wheel

Should’ve known that being clumsy would be my eventual downfall. It’s all well and good tipping over plant pots and banging your head on kitchen cupboards, but when you get behind the wheel of a car, things get serious. And things get REALLY expensive.

I don’t have the absolute worst coordination and all my senses work just fine; I just seem to be cursed with pratfalls and collisions. I’m fine with them only affecting me, but now I’ve killed two kangaroos and smacked into the back of a trailer, and I’ve only been driving four months. I keep having to look up really reliable garages for auto repairs close to Malvern because I’m too ashamed to keep going back, which is extra-bad because the idea of having a mechanic is that you know and trust them. There’s only so far I can go just asking all my friends for recommendations, and overall, there’s only so much I have to spend on repairs.

I’ve pretty much been lucky so far. First kangaroo just dented my bonnet, which left me still able to drive. The second one actually had me needing some genuine auto repairs, this time because it got under the wheels and messed up the axle or some such thing, I don’t know. And then…there was the actual collision with the other car, which somehow left me much worse off. So thanks to all the mechanics who are dealing with my foolishness, but I’m wondering if this is worth it. I NEED the car for my job, but no extra pay is worth having to shell out thousands for repairs that I can’t blame on anyone but myself.

In related news, anyone know of an affordable garage for car services near Hawthorn? Kinda tried to replace a tire by myself and it didn’t go as planned.