Home Builder’s Magic

Gideon waved for Mavis to follow him inside, while Lorenzo gave a nod of encouragement as well. She started toward the mansion, expecting Lorenzo to enter as well, but the man simply stood at the front of the building, overlooking the expansive yard. With luscious grass, gorgeous bushes and plenty of roses around, it provided […]

Helping the elderly

I have been helping the elderly for the last fifteen years. This has involved both volunteering and working at aged care facilities. My roles have varied over the years. Sometimes it has been my role to help with the food deliveries to each room, other times I have been in charge of recreational activities, and […]

Quickly Heading Out

‘I’m heading out now honey!’ I called up the stairs, grabbing my keys from the bowl.          ‘Where to?’ she asked, suddenly behind me. I jumped, clutching my chest.          ‘I thought you were…’ I started weakly, pointing up the staircase. She raised an eyebrow at me.          ‘The hardware store,’ I sighed.          ‘What […]

Resistance or Wallpaper?

Joining the Resistance seemed like the obvious choice, even if they were in total shambles. But as Maphira sat back down in the play tunnel, legs and arms crossed, she found it wasn’t such an easy decision to make. All these thoughts about wallpapers had her wondering if she’d gotten it wrong all those years […]

Solar Site Meetup

She’d expected the building to be a bit gloomier. These sort of shady meetings always went down in dark alleyways or derelict buildings, but this seemed to be the exception. Maphira stepped into Tiffany’s Playhouse of Fun and scanned the expansive play cafe with growing suspicion. Having a secret meeting in a place like this […]

New Building Skill

I’m really bored at the moment. I’m supposed to be working (I’m a freelance architect), but I haven’t been given a job in about two weeks. That means I’ve just been sitting down and watching TV for two weeks straight, because I have no hobbies and don’t know how to get on with my own […]

Fallen In Tiles

After eight long months, we’re finally getting a new bathroom! Our shower floor caved in at the start of the year, sounds strange right? That’s because it was strange. I was away on holidays and I came back and we literally didn’t have a shower floor. My brother was showering at the time and he […]

Melbourne Central Painting

If you’ve ever been to Melbourne Central Station, you’d know about the massive eyesore towering over the shopping centre. It’s a big, brown tower that is just a square of brick that goes up and up to the domed roof. It’s absolutely hideous, and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been given a touch up […]

Planner life

When I first got into construction it was because I hated doing anything that involved logistics and organisation. I remember being in high school and being one of the most disorganised students ever. I’ve since realised that I wasn’t organised because I was bored. As I’ve been working in construction and moving my way up […]

Adapting for disability

It’s been a very sad time in the last four months as I’ve seen the health of my husband rapidly decline. No one likes to see a loved one suffer or be uncomfortable. I don’t like to admit that his disability is an inconvenience to me but at the same time, I can’t always be […]