Basically a Family Road Trip?

I’m not usually one to put in overtime, but I might as well use the opportunity. The house is off-limits since we found a rat in the pantry, so now we’ve had to move out. Like, entirely. The pest control people said that it wasn’t necessary, and that they’d be able to deal with it in an afternoon, but Anna overreacted as per usual. We have to stay with her Grandmother one suburb across…and to be honest, it’s not much of an upgrade. I haven’t said this to Anna, but this seems like the type of place where you can look behind the walls and they’re probably crawling with termites or something. Let’s hope there are some local pest control. Mornington is probably better for them, if only because there are a lot more older buildings and they probably deal with termites a lot.

So, let’s say we have to call the termite inspection people in here, Anna freaks out and we have to move again. That pretty much means we’ll be going to her brother’s place in Frankston…but Vaughn is such a pig. He never washes his dishes and he’s really terrible at cleaning. So we’ll all be holed up in there- me, Anna, her grandmother and Vaughn- and she’ll see a rat or some cockroaches. She’ll freak out AGAIN, and suddenly we’ll have to evacuate and move somewhere else, like some sort of unfortunate nomads. At the very least, we’ll be leaving a trail of cleansing in our wake. Anna’s grandma gets all the termites removed from her old wooden house, Vaughn learns a valuable lesson about hygiene as his place is freed from rats and cockroaches, and I guess on top of benefiting from Frankston pest control services, we’ll get to know where some good hotels are in the area. Because that’s where we’ll be staying.