Room for Ash

Good morning, George! Welcome back to my second blog, where I give secret orders to the members of my highly exclusive club, George. Here we like to shake it up a little and get a bit strange, drinking carbonated water and singing fun songs together.

Today Amanda and I will be painting a fantastic design for our future son or daughter, Ash. That will either be short for Ashton or Ashleigh. Basically, we want Ash to grow up to take care of animals. He or she will be a real animal collector. You could almost say they will want to catch them all. Of course, you don’t actually catch animals, but you know what I mean.

We hired some local painters to give a lovely layer of background paint in Ash’s room, with the bottom half a nice grassy green and the top half painted a lovely sky blue. Amanda and I will be painting all sorts of animals on the walls. We’ll have pictures of cats, dogs, birds, lions, penguins and more. Basically just a big mural of all the animals we can think of. It will be so awesome by the time we are done.

I asked a commercial painter near Melbourne what he thought of the idea, and he asked if my wife or I have any actual experience with painting such finely detailed images. We don’t, but I’m sure we can make it work. I think we’ve done a pretty good job with the other bedrooms so far.

So we’re going to have an astronaut, a bestselling author and someone obsessed with animals under our roof. What could the last child’s thing be? You’ll have to wait for tomorrow to find out! 

Will it be a professional gamer? An amazing skateboarder? Maybe our fourth and final child will become a celebrity chef or a winner of the Fantastic Race. Regardless of what we choose for our future child, I’m so excited about it all.

– Daniel Goodman