Get in the Robot, Shinji!

I do believe that it’s time for Shinji to get in the robot. Such is the central theme of ‘Neo-Men-Assist San-Fran’, which deals with the complex topics of defending the San Francisco area of 2078 from an invasion by alien cyborgs. And of course, this is achieved by way of piloting giant humanoid robots. That’s […]

Neighbourly Support

I just had a really long chat with my elderly neighbour, Pat. It started with her wanting to let me know she’d been having visits from a mental health social worker, so that I wouldn’t worry about the stranger who had been stopping by her house. Honestly, I hadn’t actually noticed and probably wouldn’t have […]

Dogs Might Fly

I got the scholarship for the residency in Auckland! I’m definitely excited, but I have to say that I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed thinking about all the planning that’s going to have to happen before I can move overseas for a year. Not that a year in New Zealand is going to be hard […]

Great Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

If you’re the owner of a home, then you have a great responsibility. You can do whatever you like to the house. It’s liberating not having the renter’s problem of not being able to hammer in nails or go for any serious renovation work. However, whatever you do to the place will preferably be permanent, […]


I woke up this morning to a raindrop falling on my face… just one. So confusing! No, I hadn’t accidentally fallen asleep in the hammock again. What had happened was the skylight had cracked overnight, and the glass was hanging in place by the skin of its teeth. There was just enough of a gap […]

This Reenactment Will See Us as the Victors

Ideally, I think I’d want my armour to be ready by sometime next week. Well, I say ‘ready’. That’s the basics all done, after which I can begin the more intense process of crafting and molding it into a fearsome piece of ultimate protection. And they said that the Melbourne Tradesperson Annual Medieval Reenactment Gathering […]

Behind on my office design research

Honestly, I can’t believe how quickly the last eight months have flown by. When Danny and I started renovating our business, we thought it would be a nightmare to work in a half-done office, but actually it’s been kind of a dream come true. Every morning, you wake up with a sense of purpose, and […]