Hands Off the Conditioner!

I need to move out. Living with people is just not how the human race was made to operate, and I’ve never believed anything more. Okay, so, they all try to tell you that humans get lonely and they need company, someone to greet them at the door…um, that’s what public spaces are for. And it’s why we started letting cats and dogs into our homes. They greet us, and then our interaction meter is filled for the day.

But seriously, as expensive as it is to live by yourself in Melbourne, I’m willing to pay the price. I’ll be saving on hair products anyway, because SOMEONE keeps using my shampoo. That is, the very expensive shampoo that is only carried by a select few hair salons in Melbourne. The shampoo-plus-conditioner combination that I have to go very much out of my way to hunt down, because it’s weirdly hard to get hold of online. Maybe it’s a chemical thing, but if it was dangerous then no hair salons would sell it, so…it’s a mystery. But when Jayne uses it, and I KNOW she’s been using it, and she tries to lie about it…it hurts. It hurts real bad, and I see it going down faster than my wallet would like. And Jayne doesn’t even need it! I have a special condition that makes my hair utterly impossible, and this stuff helps my hair to at least be a little bit manageable, along with special hair treatments at the salon. But Jayne just doesn’t buy her cheap stuff from the supermarket and she likes the way it feels.

I’ve offered to split the cost if she likes it SO much. Jayne can trek to that one specific hairdresser open in St James Place, and take that hour detour instead of me. But she denies everything.

So, that was Part One. Incoming: Part Two, Kelsie Eats EVERYTHING.