Granny Flat Out

I’ve always wanted a house with a granny flat. Why? I can’t rightly say. It’s not about stowing grannies; I’ll tell you that much. I don’t even have any grannies to stow. Nor is it about having more room. It’s something to do with having a space that’s separate from the rest of the house, I think. Anyone who’s lived in close proximity to other people – basically everyone, then – can attest to the benefits of having somewhere to go on occasion where there’s no one else adding their vibes to the place. A granny flat provides that.

I wonder if it would make things more complicated when it comes to stuff like conveyancing. For properties around Caulfield, I wouldn’t think it would make that much difference, but who can say? When it comes to that sort of thing, it’s anybody’s guess, and I wouldn’t be that taken aback if there was a higher fee tagged on for assessing the specifications of the additional dwelling. Then again, granny flats could well have no bearing on such matters. 

In any case, it’s not something I need to lose sleep over, since there’s virtually no chance of me buying a new house in the foreseeable future. It’s not so much a financial thing – I could probably afford to buy a house with a granny flat if I really set my mind to it. It’s more the fact that buying a house is so darned stressful, and I just don’t need that at the moment. Just thinking about teeing up a meeting with a property conveyancer sets my teeth on edge.

Maybe it would be worth it to have a granny flat, or at least pan out even. Like, the health hit-points I’d lose in the process might be weighed out by the personal space benefits I’d ultimately attain. Frankly, though, I don’t have the wherewithal the find out.