Foot Struggle

Like every year, at the start of this year I made a New Years resolution that I promised myself I would stick to. Unlike every other year, however, I actually have stuck to this one. Usually I would make a resolution and be determined to stick to it, only to give up a month in because it was all too hard. So this year I decided to take a different approach and set myself a very broad resolution that could easily be adhered to. This year’s resolution was to “make healthier choices”. 

Now, I’m sure you can see the appeal of this. One healthy choice a day is all I need to satisfy my goal, whether that be eating a healthy snack instead of a packet of chips, or going for a short run instead of sitting on the couch. The thing is, the more healthier choices I’ve made, the more I want to make. Over the last six months, my runs have been getting longer, faster and are happening more often. I find myself actually wanting to go for runs, despite suffering from Sever’s disease. This condition has made it harder to run and has been exaggerated by my newfound love of running, but it hasn’t stopped me making healthy decisions.

As my condition is yet to be under control, my healthy decisions have focused around eating better and going for walks. I’m not going to lie though, I’ve gone for some sneaky runs anyway, but I have simmered down at the request of my podiatrist. For Cheltenham locals, it’s easy to find an expert specialist, which is lucky. I honestly have to fight the urge to run a couple kilometres to the specialist, seeing as it’s about the distance I’ve been running for the entire year.

I’m really proud of myself for not only finally sticking to my New Years resolution, but actually building on it throughout the year. I can’t wait for my feet to get back to normal so I can start running properly again.