Dogs Might Fly

I got the scholarship for the residency in Auckland! I’m definitely excited, but I have to say that I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed thinking about all the planning that’s going to have to happen before I can move overseas for a year.

Not that a year in New Zealand is going to be hard to arrange, exactly. But there are a few tricky hurdles that I’ll need to figure out. One of them is what I’m going to do about Helga. Honestly, I don’t think leaving her behind is going to be an option – we’ve lived together since she was a puppy, and she’s getting on in years. It’d be heartbreaking if she couldn’t join me.

It seems she’s going to have to come along, and I’m not sure where to begin with arranging that. Has anyone tried travelling with pets before? I guess the first step is consult with someone who’s qualified to advise on international animal transportation. The Brighton veterinary surgery we normally go to might be able to advise me.

I’m sure it’s possible – it’s not like New Zealand’s going to have a problem with me and my little canine baby stopping by for an extended stay… is it? I suppose this is why we pay vets for their expertise. Who else would know this stuff? I don’t trust the internet for definitive answers, either.

I can’t help thinking about that time a few of months back when my brother was dog-sitting Helga and had to call in emergency vet services. Moorabbin, fortunately, is close enough to our usual clinic that it happened to be the one Joseph found first, which meant they knew immediately about Helga’s existing medical issues and what to do about it.

I mean, I could leave Helga with Joseph. I doubt he would be that thrilled about taking on more responsibility, though, what with the baby due soon and all. I’ll just have to get this whole ‘bringing my dog on a plane’ situation ironed out.