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You know, I really felt like I was learning something when I finished that property course a few months back. Then again, it might be part of the reason I feel a bit listless now. I knew I was learning something vital, and now I’m feeling useless again. Just more hanging around home and trying to research snatches of information that might end up being useful. Being in your early 20’s is a strange age. You’re not a child, but not quite an adult. I’m sure there was a song about that very feeling.

I’ve also been far too invested in watching my favourite TV show Fantasy. Personally, I think it’s much better since they went off-book. It’s like every episode has a new lease on life, plus those genuinely heartwarming moments were definitely missing from other episodes. Gosh! This is all I talk about with my friends! And sure, it’s nice that John Crow is back from the great beyond and all, but I have all this housing knowledge I’m not doing anything with.

I could see myself moving into the buyers advocate field at some point in my future. I’ve recently been sending out letters to find out more information about the buyers advocate service in Melbourne.

Actually, in property news, I think I heard about there being some kind of big fire in the school that was built over that mansion in Keymore. I heard something about a huge blaze in the basement. I don’t think anyone was hurt, but there’s been a bit investigation into the foundations and they found all kinds of structural weaknesses that meant that whole place could’ve just sunk into the ground at any point.

Someone’s probably getting into a lot of trouble over that, and all that sweet money is going right into filling in the sub-levels with concrete, I’d imagine. So if I was a property advocate, Melbourne couples would be advised to avoid buying anything near that school. As much as I like the surrounding properties, I probably wouldn’t recommend them overall.