A Quest Begins

Today I embark on a journey. A journey like no other, like nobody has taken before. I’m going on a quest, the kind you only hear about in stories. There’s another world, hidden all around this one. A world of monsters and heroes. A world of magic. Every myth, every legend, has a basis in reality. It’s the way the world has always been. And so, I will be travelling to save both my world and yours. That is, as soon as I get my car fixed.

It won’t be like those old stories. I won’t have a trusty steed or a company of knights to help me. Once I find a good car mechanic near me and get the vehicle serviced up, I’ll be ready to go, but I will do it alone. Somewhere in this great land, hiding a realm of magic and sorcery is the portal between worlds. I need to destroy it. If the Legions of Doom make their way to the portal, they will come to True Earth and destroy it. Guns do not harm them. Bombs give them power. There is nothing your people can do to stop them. They will overthrow your king, Donny Trumpet, and start their doom-ocracy, where the oldest, withered being rules. It is imperative that I find an auto electrician around Underwood to fix my car. I will not be able to find the portal without it. I need the best mechanic possible.

My master has assigned me this quest because he believes I am the only one who can shut the portal down in time. The Legion of Doom will be trapped in my realm, yes, but we have the means to deal with them. They are a scourge we have fought for hundreds of years. They are not the cataclysm that they would be on True Earth. In the Misty Realm, we will hold them back. For you, our unknowing brothers and sisters. Just because we have a world of magic, that does not mean we can let you suffer. And so I go forth to protect your world.