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Must Impress

I’m so over making dinner on this little camp cooker. But if this is what it takes to get the dream kitchen, I’m willing to stick it out. I think it’s about halfway installed now – not that I’m looking too closely. I reckon it’s in my best interests to remain detached until it’s finished; […]

The Italian Stars

Stella Excursion was my favourite show back when I was little and my parents only ever let me watch Italian TV shows. They had this idea that I would forget my heritage if I ever strayed too far into Australian things, so television was all in the language of our native people. Unfortunately, Stella Excursion had even […]

Glass Equals Power

Reset has begun on all factory models who missed the initial update. As for the failed updates…well, we’ll have to think of a new strategy. Now that the mastermind is missing, things are going to have to change around here. And I mean physically, because while this building has some potential, the decor just doesn’t […]

What’s My Job Again?

Thanks to that stupid memo, I haven’t been able to think about anything else. People in accounting should be thinking about accounting, not frivolous things above their station, like what our company actually does. But now I’m seriously wondering: what does our company do? Just this morning we were liaising with a conveyancer for property sales, […]

Literally Shook RN

I’ve got to make some changes to my viewing habits. The doctor said that if I plan on watching any more Neat-Flicks, I need to find a place that sells portable hyperbaric chambers in Melbourne and buy one, because it might just save my life. Which is fair, in my opinion. I get shook way […]

Cleaning the Oven…

Most of my squadmates who joined cadets with me have dropped out. I guess there’s not a full-active war for them to get shipped off to, so they got bored and left. Some are in the Reserves, maybe hoping that they’ll get their chance to serve their country at some point, but I stayed. I […]